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Firm is based in Moscow and works with a range of clients in the IT world, covering the subjects such as IP protection, privacy laws, internet regulation, regulation of mass media, litigation.

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  • Address : 105062 Moscow, Podsosensky Pereulok 18 Office 6
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Information Technology Law - law firm, specializing on high technology litigation and lobbying in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The firm is based in Moscow and have major Russian and international technology firms among its clients.

The firm’s founder Alexander Strakh is a renown expert in the sphere of information technology and copyright law and litigation, having headed Microsoft’s IP crimes division in Russia and CIS for many years.

Utilizing a network of over 30 associated counsel in the regions of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the firm can reach to virtually all corners of the vast territory of the Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.


Copyright law and litigation

Representation of IT companies and copyright industries before government authorities


Interaction of IT companies with the state authorities



Alexander Strakh - founder of the firm is highly experienced intellectual property and information technology attorney and litigator.

Formerly head of Microsoft Corporation IP crimes unit in Russia and CIS where he managed over 40 outside counsel throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Central Asia and Caucasus on over 15,000 criminal and civil cases of software copyright infringement, with a success rate of over 99 per cent.

Alexander Strakh's work contributed to improvement of Russian laws to the benefit of copyright-based industries. In particular, worked on Russian Criminal Code amendment during 2011. As a result of that work, the initial proposal by the President of Russia to dramatically increase the criminal liability threshold for copyright crimes was negotiated down to just a modest increase in the threshold.

According to IDC Software Piracy Study the software piracy during 2006-2013 years in Russia decreased by 24 percentage points (from 87 to 63 per cent). This is the fastest rate of software piracy reduction in the world.

Alexander Strakh handled numerous high profile cases, some of which has drawn attention of international media and the President of Russia.

Alexander Strakh managed the legal assistance program under Microsoft Unilateral License for NGOs and small independent media.


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